Join our Online Teeth Whitening Certified Course and take your beautician career to another level with Teeth Whitening Course Online. Our professional trainers have included all the supplies and instruction in the online course curriculum that you will need to complete your training and earn certification. We provide expert training with the top-rated products available for teeth whitening and Teeth Whitening Course online. Now you can learn to change dull smiles into mesmerizing gleams. 

Teeth services are popular in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Learn productive skills of whitening application, how to make effective client appointments, get access to a list of equipment and supplies, how to sell your services successfully, and many more things with Luxe’ online Teeth Whitening Course

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✔ DOWNLOADABLE PDF FORMS – With access to our PDF forms and resources, we will make your journey to become a teeth whitening expert look easy from day one.

✔ CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION – After the completion of our course, you will receive a certificate that can be shown to potential clients to build trust. 

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  • Average cost of service: $100-200
  • Duration of results: 6-12 months approx.
  • Average treatment time: 60 minutes
  • You do NOT need to be a dentist, hygienist or cosmetologist to take this course!

🚫 No Needle 🚫 No Dentist 🚫  No Pain!

Supplies Needed: Teeth Whitening Starter


  1. Whitening VS Bleaching
  2. What Causes Tooth Staining?
  3. How Does Teeth Whitening Work?
  4. How White Can You Go?
  5. Teeth Whitening Risks & Sensitivities
  6. Who Shouldn’t Have Teeth Whitening?
  7. Hygiene and Safety
  8. Understanding the teeth shade guide
  9. Teeth Whitening Procedure
  10. After Whitening Care
  11. Client Consent Form
  12. Insurance


Is there a specific license or permit required to take your course? There is NO specific license you are required to carry in order to take ANY of our courses.

Am I required to have a specific license in order to perform these services? You will need to check your local and state requirements to confirm however most states don’t require you to have a specific license. We have found in most instances, states don’t regulate these services however it will not be written in plain English. You will only be able to find if it is regulated. For example, an esthetician is prohibited from performing micro-needling services (this is only an example).

Do you offer courses in any other language besides English? Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer courses in English.

I don’t live in the United States, can I still take your courses? Absolutely, our courses are not restricted to the US only as they are online and accessible from anywhere with WiFi. Unfortunately, we are only able to ship supplies to the US however equipment can be shipped to other countries.

How long does the online course take to complete? The course is done completely at your own pace, you can login whenever you have time! It’s super flexible and great for a busy schedule! The course can be finished in as little as 2 days but since it is done at your own pace you can take as much time as you need! The time it takes each student varies!!

What equipment and supplies do I need for my course? Applicable equipment and supplies will be listed on the course outline in the training with the links to buy. In most cases we offer Starter Kits that included everything you need to get started.

How will I receive access to the course? You will receive an email from “info@glambeautiesacademy.com” with an invitation to create an account within 24 hours. Please be sure to check your junk and spam folders. If you are still unable to locate the email, send a request to info@glambeautiesacademy.com

Is there an exam to take at the end of the course? Yes, you must pass with a grade of 90% or above. If you fail, you are allowed multiple chances to pass without penalty. In addition, you will need to submit a final assignment reflecting your work on a client you performed services on.

Will I receive a certificate of completion? You will receive a certificate of completion via email to the address provided upon purchase.